venerdì 27 novembre 2015


Headband Lockshop - Sweater WholeSaleBuying - Skirt WholeSaleBuying - Tights Dresslink - Shoes Yru

Hi cuties and happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! We don't celebrate it in Italy, but I can't hide my excitement for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale every year ahah I didn't find so many glorious discount like the past years (I just bought one dress with the 40% discount), I hope you all had more luck than me ahah let me know which are your favorite shops with great sales in these days, I'm really curious to check them! Talking about the outfit: it is a simple black x white coordinate with some new things I got the past week, I think they're perfect for nu goth or pastel goth styles (and finally I have a pleated skirt perfect for my size ahah, I had to sell the previous one 'cause it was too large).

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015


Hat h&m - Dress Romwe - Necklace WholeSaleBuying - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Boots Quanticlo

New witchy coord from the past week, the dress fabric is something really different from what I usually wear, it looks like flax so it has natural folds over it even if you iron it but I really like how it fits anyway, especially because is super comfy and cool! The weather slowly become colder in these days, I'll miss this warm autumnal days for sure, why this beautiful season can't last longer than this? My favorite season and of course the only one that lasts for less than a month ;_; I'm lucky enough that in my region winter is not super cold but I wish I could wear light jackets more than just 3 times a year ahah.