venerdì 17 aprile 2015

Review: Saber wig Uniqso

Hi cuties!
I have a new review for my favorite shop Uniqso to share with you! This time I know all the cosplayers who follow me will be really glad to see what I think about this lovely Saber wig, I've been cosplaying Saber for years now (if you're curious you can see the pics here) but my wig was really old and ruined, it was also too tiny for my head and hair so everytime wearing it was really tiring, for this reason I was really happy to have the chance to try a new one!

The wig has the perfect blonde/yellow shade for Saber, the fiber is really soft and nice, the chignon is attached to the wig and you can't remove it (my old one had the detachable one) but it's not a problem and I found it really convenient to put it in less time without worrying! It's also enough large for your head, absolutely the best thing! The little hair strand was really well done and already laquered *_*.

(The lenses are Beauberry Vivid Green and you can read the full review HERE!)

I just cut the bangs and the lateral locks to fit my face shape, I also straighted a bit the locks and the result was perfect and really easy to do, just one minute with my iron and the locks are perfectly straight and smooth! I definitely recommend it to everyone who whold like to cosplay my always favorite anime girl Saber!

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

martedì 14 aprile 2015

Day 9: Imperial Garden + Shinjuku

During the past Tokyo travel, we also visited the Imperial Garden! Only a small part of the big palace area is open to pubblic, but it's totally free so it's a must visit! It's also really easy to find, just follow the direction in the metro and you'll be in front of it!

The day was sunny and warm, perfect to explore such a big garden! We took some hours to walk inside all of it and you can immagine it's just a little part? It's full of beautiful traditional guard's houses!

After such a long walk we wanted to eat something soon so we went to one of the big palace near the Imperial Garden and we found a cool restaurant with delicious food and reasonable prices! Everything was delicious T_T.

Then we came back to Higashi Shinjuku for a little break in our hotel and later we went out for a long walk around Shinjuku. This district is fabulous 'cause every hotel is really cheap but you can go around walking and reach Shinjuku in no time! We had the famous Marui Annex in only 15 minutes on foot and we also went to Studio Alta in around 40 minutes.

We also had the Square Enix studio in one minute from our hotel 8D I took some pics of the shop some day later!

If you're searching for lolita shops you can find most of them inside the Marui Annex! Thanks to the sales I also found an amazing Aatp dress at 50% discount 8D.

After checked the Studio Alta shops and going around Shinjuku for hours we decided to go back to the Marui Annex and ate a delicious omurice with tomato sauce! If you're searching for good places with tons of restaurants you can find a lot of them in the last floor of the mall!

While we came back to the hotel we stopped to a tiny supermarket on the street and I found Sailor Moon chips XD Bagna Cauda is an italian speciality so I was really shocked when I saw this ahahah!