venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Review: I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 18 Evergreen

Hi guys! Sorry for my few posts lately, I had some health problems and also summer exams are almost here, I feel kinda sad and demotivated to do anything except studying ahah! Today I have finally a new circle lens review, this time I tried the I-Codi Color of the Wind No 18 Evergreen from Uniqso, there aren't real life pics so I thought it would be a nice idea to try them and share my pics!

I got the parcel without problems with Fedex in just 5 days :D amazing!

The lenses are really green and they have a cute pattern! Let's take a look on how they fit my brown eyes!

Base Curve 8.6mm
Color Tones 2 Tones
Diameter 15mm
Processing Time 2-3 working days
Remarks Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period 12 months

Water Content 38%

As you can see the green is really visible and vivid on my brown eyes! I really love this shade of green, it looks bright without looking too fake, I think it's a great choice both for j-fashions looks and cosplay, the design is also really nice and simple to fit almost every look. The diameter is 15 mm but they feel really comfy, I had no problems wearing them, they're super cozy like every I-Codi lenses I ever tried! They're available with prescription as well.

Color ★★★★ vivid green color that fits really well brown eyes!
Design ★★★★ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- the green color is really visible on dark eyes
-  great and simple design 
- perfect for both j-fashion coords and cosplay
- big diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

Don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

sabato 21 maggio 2016

Current favorites

Hi guys! I wanted to do this kind of post for such a long time, it's my favorite one to watch on youtube (I promise my dead youtube channel will come back when I'll have more time) and finally I have some space on my blog schedule to do it! If you like this kind of post I'll be really happy to do it every month, so please let me know! I always read and reply your messages and they are always really helpful :D


Ok... I bought way too much makeup in the last few weeks, but I can't resist to strange lip colors and cute palettes! These are the items I loved recently: 

- Kat von D Shade and Light eye palette: I have no words to describe how wonderful the colors are, all matt (which is my favorite texture), all natural but with different undertones (cool, warm, neutral) and perfect also for conturing if you have a pale skin. Best purchase ever, totally worth my money!

- Too Faced Love Flush palette: all the love flush blushes are inside this palette! I'm not into blushes but since I got this palette I wear one almost everyday, I love trying different shades and combinations, it's also really cheap (around 32 euro) if you think just one full size blush is around 28-29 euro!! The quality is amazing and they last all day.

- Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lip color: I was looking for a cheap liquid lipstick in a natural color for everyday (sorry my dear Jeffree I'm poor), I did a lot of research and ordered this one on Maquillalia. It costs only 5 euro but the quality, believe me, it's amazing! Gorgeous nude/pink color, it lasts all day and it doesn't dry your lips! Now I want it in all the colors!

- Nyx Liquid Suede Stone Fox: Another great liquid lipstick really cheap compared to the most famous ones, the color is a gorgeous grey shade, I use them a lot lately and you can see it in my latest outfit posts. I'll definitely buy more from the Liquid Suede series.

-Neve Cosmetics Rugiada per makeup: it's an eyeshadow base and you can use it also for mixing pigments. It's totally sheer, like the dew, vegan friendly, fragrance free and with a perfect inci. I think it's important to use products like this especially if you wear makeup everyday. I had a lot of problems of allegy with other eyeshadow bases but this one is perfect for my sensitive skin.


My favorite pieces of clothing are kinda...matching? two witchy total black items and two green items! As I already said in the some previous posts I'm addicted to green items lately, it's a nice touch of color in my usual total black coords and I wore these two jacket almost everyday since I got them, their quality is amazing compared to the cheap prices! The Auryn tee became one of my favorite in my closet, I love the print, the model, the soft cotton...and it's also a italian brand which is awesome! The black dress is fabulous too, amazing quality, really soft and perfect fitting, can you believe me some people thought it was a dress from Ghost of Harlem :D? Just to share with you how great the material and the model is!


Dragon Roar's Vessel Necklace (Blaze stone) - Moonstruck necklace (Wisteria Stone)

Recently I got two necklaces from Kookizare, I never heard about them before but I fell totally in love with their accessories. They're simple, easy to coordinate and the stones are really beautiful (and you can personalize every necklace with a stone of your choice!), I won't annoy you how they're perfect with my style too ahahah I'm always in love with everything with moons and dragons! You can also use my code "FEDERICA" for a tiny discount on your order! I posted these pics on my Instagram so don't forget to follow me there too, it's my favorite social media and I update it a lot :D

Other things

In my few free time I always play with games! These two , Yokai Watch and Bravely Second, are the last ones I loved and played a lot, they're really different kind of games and you can find tons and tons of review about them online! Prepare yourself if you want to try them, especially Bravely Second, it takes a lot of hours to finish them :P

It's all for this post, let me know your current favorites too!