sabato 27 agosto 2011

Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

There will be my birthday in november, it's time to make a little wishlist! I have so many dresses but for my birthday I want a new one eheh, actually I really want something "new" like floral print:

But I will be really happy with any gothic dress from my wishlist!

Then I want these shoes so bad ( I know, I've just bought a new pair of shoes but these are my favorite for gothic style, I really need them in my life!):

Something from Suppurate system, I've just bought the cherry with spikes so now I want a resin necklace (or a ring) like these two:

I needed new MmM socks (blackxblack, bluexblack and blackxgold), my favorite models:

I hope to buy something XD ahah!

martedì 23 agosto 2011

New Vivienne Westwood shoes

My new Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes arrived! It's my favorite brand for shoes, I really love the style! If you want to see my Vw (and Melissa) shoes collection you can see it in my pupe girl ^^! I have now 4 pairs (Vw x melissa) and two Melissa pairs!

I hope you like them! I have so many outfits in mind with them :D

here there's a little example of coordinates I have in mind, I've always thought this kind of shoes looks good with gothic, I hope autum to arrive early to wear this new outfit with my divine cross! In this pic I wear also a new pair of tights :P

Thank you for looking!

Pen friend

Some days ago I received the first letter from my new pen friend Melissa! She studies art so the letter is very decorated, I share it 'cause it's really cute! Melissa is a new french lolita, she'll buy her first dress as soon as possible! She is so adorable ♥

(a little portrait! so cute!)

With email, social network etc it's really hard to find someone who wants a pen friend, but I think it's a really cute practice! Yesterday I send out my answer, I hope she receives it soon!

(NOTE: I changed my URL, now it's sorry if my pics had the old url XD)

domenica 21 agosto 2011

Outfit snap #7

Hi dears!
My boyfriend came to my home yesterday afternoon, we wacthed anime ( Fairy tail ♥), then he made pics of my last outfit, I thought about it a lot of times but I I never had the opportunity to wear it, you can consider it like a "dress up for fun"!
I had the permission from my mother to use this outfit for my future weeding!
It's early to talk about it, but it's my first wish when I'll finish the university !

Lastly, a pic about my last nail polish purchase! I love to coordinate my nail with the dresses, I think this color is perfect for gothic style, specially my Ritual print from MmM, the dark grey is really similar!

I love the German brand Essence, products are very cheap price but the quality is very good (note: I always wear nail polish with a base under, so they'll have a good duration!). Specifically, this nail polish is from the limited edition 50' girls reloaded (now in store!), a trend theme ispired from 50' years, boats and sea! The color is called " You're a Heartbreaker" ahah what a strange name! It's dark grey with dark green reflex, it's really hard to describe! I hope you like it! Thank you for looking ♥

domenica 14 agosto 2011

Last day with Flavia

During the forth day (the last with Flavia *sadness*) we had a very simple program: walk around the city and eat something. We made some pics in a nearby park, Flavia and me twinned with our Oiseau Bleu print, sorry if my outfit was really simple, but in Italy the weather now is so damn hot x.x I want autumn!

Unfortunately I re-start to study for my septmber exams, I hate University!

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Third day: outfit snap + lot of pics!

During the third day we went to the mall, I bought two piggy-bank (lol XD one for me and one for my mother) and a new powder/foundation from Benefit!


I borrowed this Innocent world dress from my friend Flavia, she always wears classic lolita so I decided to lend her my Miracle Candy skirt, it's her first time in real sweet lolita!

Sorry for the bad evening pic ( I wore my glasses XD lol)

We went to a festival called "Goblet and music under the stars", there was a lot of gastronomic stands *gnam gnam*

And finally, the the pics about paintings exibithion and observatory! I hope you like them :D

Observatory (meteorites show):

After the conference about meteorites we see the lunar surface and a double star (one orange and one blue), I really love the Observatory :D this winter I hope to see planets and other stars!

Visit the Sanctuary

During the second day with Flavia we visited the Sanctuary in my town, there were a lot of paintings and mosaics, I love them 'cause they are soooo gold *gold addicted*, I and my friend Chiara decided we will make a gothic photoshoot here with our Moitie gold prints this autumn (she bought Silent moon in this combo and I'll wear my Divine cross)!

I have so many pics to share, but I decide to upload my favorite ^^
Inside the Sanctuary there was a paitings exhibition!



Garden outside:

I'll share in the next post the pics about paintings exibithion and observatory, this post is so long and full of pics XD I hope you like them!

mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Outfit snap # 6 + Flavia arrived!

Yesterday my dear friend Flavia arrived for her holiday here in my town! The weather is really hot so I decided to wear a very comfy and fresh outfit, I felt like Dorothy with curly hair, red accessories and my wizard of Oz dress! I hope you like it :)

In the afternoon we visited my town and we made some pics in the port (sorry if the pic is not so good, but there was windy day), then we went to the ice-cream shop!

In the evening we had dinner in our favorite chinese restaurant, I ate spaghetti with vegetables and meat and sweet and sour chicken! I love them *_*

I really love food pics, in future I'll upload more pics about it :D ( When I have time I'll share a special recipe for make a "ciambellone", I don't know how to call it in english ^^')

Our program for today: visit the Sanctuary and the storic centre, then in the evening we will go to the observatory *____* stay tuned!