martedì 29 ottobre 2013

Halloween is coming

I noticed I did a lot of outfit posts lately, I hope I don't annoy you :) let me know if you like it or you're more interested in something different! I wore this outfit few days ago, I hadn't special programs but I wanted to dress up and did a heavy make up after long time and strangely I liked it! I really need to try more dark lipsticks, I have got only two red lipsticks but I'm very tempted to try purple, I hope it suits me XD. I'm really in Halloween mood in this moment so my outfits follow this theme (and also I won't be able to celebrate Halloween this year 'cause I'll be in a convention).

Horns Super lovers - Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem - Skirt Tally Wejil - Tights Ebay - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I'm in love with this cardigan, you can wear it open like a normal cardigan but when you close it it's more special and, with a plain skirt, it looks like a one piece, I'm so happy I bought it some months ago for half the original price! I'm sure I'll wear it a lot :D 

Headband Spinns - Necklace Kreepsville666 - Sweatshirt Missguided - Skirt Glavil - Tighs, shoes Ebay

I wore this one to go out with my friends the past Saturday! As you can immagine there were a lot of people that said nasty things like "it's not Carnival", well, it's Halloween stupid people 8D.
How you will spend Halloween night? I hope you all have fun!

venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

Review: Geo Magic CM-905 ( Geo tricolor violet)

I had the nice opportunity to make a second review for Geo Coloured Lenses! If you didn't read it, this is my first review about their service and products. As I mentioned in the previous review, they sell only genuine circle lenses from Geo Medical, it's really important 'cause there are everywhere a lot of shops that sell replicas that can damage your eyes. They also offer free shipping worldwide and most of the lenses are available with prescription (like mine!). This time I chose a model I already tried and loved in a different color, Geo Magic CM-905 (also know as Geo Tricolor violet).

 You'll receive a simple lenses case with your lenses, the business card of their shop and also a little sheet with the instructions about how to wear and take care of your lenses!

Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

 The lenses have a natural diameter so they are really comfy and apt for sensitive eyes, the enlargment effect is perfect for who is searching for a natural effect. The color is really cute but they're not so violet as I thought looking at the lenses in the case, they blend really well my brown eyes so they look more brown than violet XD but with a good light you can see the real color.

Color 3/5: the color is cute but not brilliant as it seems.
Design 4/5: the design is really cute and it blends really well brown eyes.
Enlargement 4/5: they have a little diameter but they give a nice natural enlargement.
Comfort 5/5: super comfy as all the Geo lenses!

- super comfortable lenses
- perfect for a natural look
- available with prescription

- color not brilliant
- not apt for who is searching for a big enlargement effect

Do you like them? With this pair I tried three color of this range ahah!

martedì 22 ottobre 2013


It has been long since the last time I met my friends T_T I missed them all! We were all really busy with study and other things that it was impossible for us to meet, but luckily saturday there was the opening of a new japanese related association and we decided to join it mostly 'cause one of the founders is my friend Grazia! I didn't have the chance to talk with a lot of people, but I was really glad to see everyone!

   Cap Ebay - Jacket Maison Gilfy - Dress, tights, boots Glad News

My outfit for the day, I really love wearing huge jackets or sweaters in this period. I looked like a Glad News shop staff XD (I'm also waiting for some new things from them I can't wait to have the parcel in my hands!)

 There were so many people there, too many XD I waited outside the local for the whole evening, but when the conference ended I joined the association and ate some delicious sushi! 

venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

Wishlist Birthday/Christmas

Time to make a new wishlist, I got all the items previous one and I'm super happy about it! My birthday will be in the next month and in december it'll be Christmas, it's my favorite period with so many holidays and lovely themed decorations everywhere! I decided to order the wishlist for price range for the first time, like a lot of magazines do for the christmas period!

Let's start with the most expansive items of my wishlist:

Glad News has always the best coats for my taste, I drooled about a camoprint one since last year and I fell in love with the new one of this collection!! The black one was a discovery on GN blog, it wasn't on the catalogue of their new collection so I was a mix between happiness and hate when I found it because I really LOVE it but I'm too poor to afford two brand coats....I really hope to get one of these two anyway XD ( the black one is not available in the webstore, the second one yes).

Medium price range

Ghost of Harlem has always a lot of amazing pieces every season, these are my favorites from the new collection and the past one, so most of these items are really cheap compared to the original prices! Most of the things are available on the Ghost of Harlem's webstore!

 I'm totally in love with this Unif sweater, it's my favorite color combination and it's also really cozy, in one word just perfect! It's also match a new bag I'm waiting for in the mail eheh! The second sweater is from Listen Flavor, it's a "print" I don't have in my closet also if I really like polka dots! You can find it on rakuten and Lunieshop!

Cheap range

 I found so many cute things from Sheinside lately! I read really nice reviews everywhere and the prices are really really cheap, I hope to buy something soon! These three things are my favorites: the cat t-shirt is amazing, totally my style and perfect to second my cat addiction, the killstar sweater is perfect for autumn/winter especially for my blackxwhite outfits, the denim dress is super cute and detailed, I really like it!

The hat is from Asos, I searched for a hat like this for so long and I'm really happy it's available from italian Asos and not from the usual asian stores for a good price (for example Glad News released a similar one for the double of the price XD).The denim skirt is a must have, I didn't find it in local stores so I need to buy it online, this one is from Missguided! The last sweater is from Romwe, I know maybe it's not my style but I really love the stupid bears and pink shade XD!

It's all for now, I know it's quite a big wishlist, I already know I won't be able to afford all these beautiful things but I can dream XD

domenica 13 ottobre 2013


I haven't something interesting to share with you, I'm very busy with the moving and I spent the past days cleaning and organizing all the things, I didn't know changing home was so stressfull  XD. I wore this outfit few days ago, I received some new things in the mail (shoes and tights) and I couldn't wait to wear them ahah!

 Headband Spinns - T-shirt Boy london x Long Clothing - Tights, shoes Ebay - Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem

The past saturday I attended a famous italian convention and I wore my new cosplay (Saber Alter), I'm still waiting for the pictures 'cause I did like 10 different photoset and I received only a few pics from one of them XD (you know it's always the same). I hope to share soon something about it in the next days!

 And also I got a 3ds *_* the Pokemon X limited edition (also got the game as well). I'm a super happy girl now, if you want to add me leave me your friend code, this is mine 1521-3741-1332!

martedì 8 ottobre 2013

Moving to a new home

Today I would like to share with you a big new about my life, I’m not the type who talks about my private life and if you follow me you should know it, I always prefer to share only a really tiny part of it when I spend my day with friends and nothing more. The big new is I’m moving to a nearby city with my boyfriend! We will live in a tiny apartment  ‘cause we will be there only for the last university years (in my case few months ‘cause I have only 3 exams until my degree) , but I’m really happy to be there with him also if the place is small and I took with me only few things. My life totally changes and I feel really anxious and happy at the same time, I'm sure I will really miss my family, luckily we are only 50 minutes away from our town so I can go back to my house, my family and my pets every time I want!

I took the pictures the first time I went there, everything was empty so I need to buy a lot of things to decorate the new house, it's a bit sad when you change appartment and you have nothing there XD. The good things are that everything is brand new and we also have a super big balcony, also the whole palace is new and full of windows, so much light everywhere! I wont have problems in future for the outfits posts with a so good lighting :P.

Hat Nike - Collet Terranova - Sweater randon shop from Studio Alta - Skirt Tally Wejil - Tights Missguided - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

The outfit I wore some weeks ago during the first visit at the appartment. Something simple and cozy 'cause I was cleaning and organizing things. I'll move to it tomorrow, there are so many things to do I'll became crazy ahahah!

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Review: Eos Blytheye Brown

Today I'll show you a new lenses pair sponsored by MapleLens, I was able to chose in their large selection so I chose a pair I wanted for so long, EOS Blytheye Brown. I really wanted to try these lenses 'cause I think they're the only one who gives the right "gold" effect on brown eyes you can see a lot in gyaru fashion (especially on Nuts models). The service was great, I received my lenses in a few days 'cause they shipped them with GLS shipping, it's always amazing when you get a parcel in such a short time! They're also really kind and polite, I really recommend their site and service! Let's talk about the lenses:

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

I got the lenses in a solid cartoon case with the brand's logo, so you're sure your lenses won't be damaged during the travel! I also got an adorable animal case, it's super cute and it's also useful when you have to recognize your lenses! As you can see in the picture the lenses are really gold/brown and it was the thing I wanted the most!

I really love the effect the lenses give to my eyes, the perfect gold effect I was searching for! They also have a good enlargement, even if they are only 14 mm and they're also really comfy. The color blends really well with my natural eye color, I think they're perfect on brown eyes, maybe on light eyes the effect will be more yellow and unnatural.
They're also available with prescription for myopic people like me!

Color 5/5: they have the perfect gold color, I love it!
Design 4/5: the design is really simple but perfect for the final effect.
Enlargement 5/5: they give a good enlargement also if the diameter is small!
Comfort 5/5: they’re really comfortable, I highly recommend them if you have sensitive eyes

- perfect gold color
- nice enlargement, perfect for natural look
- really comfy
-avalaible with prescription
-perfect on dark eyes

-maybe not apt on light eyes

And the outfit I wore few days ago

Hat Boy London -Cardigan h&m - Tights Glad News - Shoes Taobao - Necklace Ebay

This is the last lenses review for now, I hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it and if you tried these lenses!