domenica 22 giugno 2014

Summer days

It has been a long time since my last random/daily life post! I hadn't special things to talk about, like every summer most of my time is spent studying and the rest dying for the hot weather, I wish I could go on holiday in a cold country Y_Y.

Headbow h&m - T-shirt Bershka - Skirt Sheinside - Socks, shoes Ebay

I wore this outfit fot a little shopping round with my cutie Claire, I only bought a tiny present for my boyfriend, every summer is really hard for me to find cute clothes so I usually wait the japan sales.

Headband Spinns - Necklace Giada Bijoux - T-shirt Tally Wejil - Skirt Glavil - Tights taobao - Shoes Cute to the core

Outfit for a day with my friend Sarah and our boyfriends, we went around the city, bought last manga
 releases and eat one of the worst chinese foods ever (but the aperetif in a nearby bar was good), lol. It was one of my favorite restaurants years ago, I'm always really disapointed when the quality goes down. I'm sorry for the really low quality of the pics but my camera battery died and I had to take pics with my really old and cheap camera XD.

 Ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 -  Choker Wego - T-shirt Listen Flavor x Danganronpa - Socks Ebay - Shoes Sango

I recently got some new parcels with items for summer! This t-shirt (long like a dress) is the cutest and most comfortable item I have in this moment, I'm in love with this collaboration and I'm thinking about taking the sweater too...let's see! I can't wait to show you more outfits but I had a lot of things to do, I hope I can go on holiday asap.

domenica 15 giugno 2014

Review: Eos New Adult Pink

I came back with a new circle lens review kindly sponsored by Lensvillage, I was able to choose a pair of lenses in their vast selection so I decided to take my first pair of pink lenses Eos New Adult pink, I already have this model in brown and green (check the previous review for Lenvillage here!) so I was kinda sure they'll suit me well like the other ones!

If you decide to buy lenses from them you totally need to join their instagram contest! Just tag their official account @lensvillagedotcom and put the tag #lensvillage and you can win three pair of circle lenses, three animal cases, face mask and cute hair fringe holder, amazing, don't you think?

Diameter : 14.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year

The lenses have an amazing and bright pink color that pops up a lot on dark eyes, the design is simple but really cute and you can also wear them for cosplay, as you can see they're really visible in every light condition (and the day was kinda dark because of the rain)! They're also really comfy, I wore them for about 8 hours and I didn't feel any ache on my eyes. They're my favorite model from Eos, bright colors, nice enlargement and cute design, I wish I could try them in all the colors! They are available with prescription!

Color 5/5: bright color on dark eyes
Design 4/5: cute design
Enlargement 4/5: they have a small diameter but give a nice natural enlargement.
Comfort 5/5: really comfy!

- vivid color and nice design
- really comfy lenses
- available with prescription
-maybe a bit too fake for daily looks

Check also their Facebook page to not miss special offers!

domenica 8 giugno 2014


Hi dears! I had really stressing days for a really hard exam, but I passed it with a good grade, I'm really happy now I have only one exam left and then my final degree, finally I have some time to dedicade to my blog and pics yay!

Headband Spinns - Necklace, Shirt Glavil - Shoes Cute to the core

I received this new amazing Lockshop wig some days ago, I'm so in love with the color I'm sure I'll wear it a lot (you can find it here)! The outfit was really simple, but all my summer outfits will be like this 'cause the weather is too damn hot to wear anything, so my favorite combo will be high platform shoes + long t-shirt to wear like dress, I hope I won't annoy you ahah! (Ps: the tatoo is fake :P it's from an Urban Decay set)

domenica 1 giugno 2014

Spring coords II

Usual post with my last outfits! Spring is already over, it's my favorite season with autumn and every year is always shorter ;_; it's time to wear only dresses and say goodbye to tights, sob!

Headband Lockshop - Blouse Ghost of Harlem - Skirt h&m - Tights Glad News - Shoes Cute to the Core - Necklaces Monomania, Reliquia Arcana

I don't know why my tights looked so dark in the pics, in real life they were almost like my skin tone XD camera mistery! It was a simple outfit to meet my friends some weeks ago, I consider it really simple but I don't know why I got many rude comments from strangers, lol.

Hat  Miauler Mew - Shirt Ghost of Harlem - Skirt Sheinside - Socks Taobao - Shoes YRU

Another simple outfit I wore some weeks ago, I got some new things in the mail (like this skirt!), the worst thing is it's already too hot to wear most of them XD I hate the italian summer, can someone from Finland or Sweden adopt me for the next months??? ahah!

Headband Taobao - Chokers Handmade by me - Dress Liz Lisa - Shoes YRU

White outfit I wore the past saturday to go out with my friends! The weather was hot like hell XD. A lot of you asked about my hearts chokers, they're handmade by me! I created a lot of cute accessories in this period, I hope I ll'have the chance to show them to you soon!

Skirt, Belt, Cross Glavil - Top Pimkie - Choker Handmade by me - Tights Avantgarde - Shoes Cute to the core

Yesterday's outfit for a little fashion parade in a local convention. The event was kind of a failure  'cause it rained all the time and everything was outdoors....there were also tons of rude people, I know it's "normal" but if you attend a comic convention you don't expect the usual reactions.