martedì 18 luglio 2017

Review: Cosplay Wig - LoveLive! Sunshine!! /Sakurauchi Riko Uniqso

Hi lovely people! Today I have a new wig review for my always favorite shop Uniqso, how many of you watched Love Live Sunshine? There are so many lovely girls in this second season maybe one day I'll cosplay some of them (even if I feel quite old ahah), so when I saw the Riko Sakurauchi wig I had to try it! I was looking for a cool cherry red wig and this one looks perfect :D

This is how the wig looks like in the website, it looks perfect for the Riko cosplay, don't you think? It also comes with the hairstyle done! :D

This is how the wig looks like with natural light in my room, it is gorgeous! I'm so freaking in love with it! The color is perfect for cosplaying Riko so if you're looking for a great quality wig for her I definetely recommend this one! I got it because I was looking for a cherry red wig 'cause my old one is quite ruined and I'm really satisfied, the fiber is incredibly soft and easy to comb, the side fringe is my favorite but you can also style it as you want 'cause it's long enough. It become one of my favorite wigs so far :D I hope you all like it too! You can get it here. There are so many Love Live wigs available here!

How beautiful is this wig? I haven't words to describe how amazing it is!

Quality ★★ really high quality fiber!
 Color  amazing cherry red color
 Softness ★ super smooth and easy to comb 

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! 

domenica 16 luglio 2017

Black Moon

Wig Trendy wigs - Hat Romwe - Necklace Rogue + Wolf - Dress Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

Happy sunday guys! How is your weekend going? I did so many things in the last few days I feel so tired ahah but I have so many things to catch up before starting to study for the last exam! For my italian readers I also shared a new youtube video, you can win one of my favorite gamse so you have to check it! Today's look is my go to for summer especially when you don't know what to wear....and for me long and cozy dresses are the best answer! I recently got this gorgeous black dress in the mail, the details are so cute and the material is pretty good, it can fit almost every size and this is one of the best things ever :D it' also the best lenght for a tiny girl like me! Are you interested in a themed post about long skirts on tiny girls? I would be really happy to do it!

venerdì 14 luglio 2017


Hat Romwe - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Choker Born Pretty Store - Sandals Quanticlo

Hi guys! It's so nice to be back on the blog, I have some big news: I just finished the summer session at the University....the last of my life! You'll probably understand how happy I am, I was so stressed the last few months 'cause I did so many hard exams but I'm really proud I did everything I wanted to do with good grades! Now I have only one more exam in autumn and than it's finished :) I already decided my thesis and I'll start working on it really soon. I also started working for the videogames website! It's a tiny dream come true 'cause I love games since I was child and haveing the chance to work with them it's such a good thing! The website is in Italian so I really hope my italian readers will check it, there will soon be a Youtube channel too and you'll see me there together with other guys! I know I talked so much about my life today, but I thought my "tiny absence" on social networks and replying comments needed an explanation... I promise I'll check all of the comments today!  Thank you so much for always being here with me, it means a lot! Talking about today's look (finally eheh) I wanted to try something a bit different pairing this gorgeous wig (the review will come soon!) with one of my favorite combination lately, all black look with red/ash pink details, you know I'm totally addicted to roses embriodery I can't help myself! I wanted a skirt like this for such a long time 'cause it fits really well my red heart bag from Vivienne Westwood :D maybe I'm the only one who has problems pairing a colored bag so I was looking for something with a tiny touch of red and this skirt is PERFECT! The top is really cute too, the embriodery are well done and the fabric is really soft, it would be really cute with a pair of culottes pants too!

lunedì 10 luglio 2017


Wig Donalovehair - Choker Born Pretty Store - Top SheIn - Skirt New Dress - Sandals Quanticlo

A simple look I shot some days ago, I'm loving so much this kind of top with the little laces detail , maybe you remember I already had it in black but when I saw the burgundy version I had to get it :D just for a little color variation in my usual looks, it's also my favorite color beside black. I paired it with this long mesh skirt which is perfect for summer and fits well many different outfits, a must have item everyone should have in the closet! The sandals are my favorite one from Quanticlo and I wore them so much during these last years, they recently restocked them so if you're intrested they're available!

venerdì 7 luglio 2017

Pale flowers

 Hat Romwe - Wig Lockshop - Bralette SheIn - Skirt SheIn - Sandals Quanticlo

One more look featuring a pink skirt :D it's incredible how I can be so "colorful" during summer ahah but I always loved ash and pastel colors shades for clothing even if I wear them rarely (I don't think they suit me really well), but pairing them with black items it's way easier for me! This skirt is super light, perfect for summer and it fits so well crop tops and bralettes, it would be wonderful with a lace corset! I added this cute old bralette to make the coord a bit less "elegant", even if the look is still kinda fancy ahah but at the same time really comfy, thanks to my favorite pair of sandals :D I can wear them with almost everything!

lunedì 3 luglio 2017


Hat Romwe - Choker, Top Witch Worldwide - Skirt Ghost of Harlem - Boots Quanticlo

It has been long time since my last witchy outfit! Lately I'm more into casual and comfy looks, but it's always nice to wear one of my favorite styles even if the weather is hot like hell, this outfit is perfect for summer, really comfy and fresh! I love wearing long skirts in summer, they're one of my must have items, they can totally change the whole feeling in a look. I got this one in my last Tokyo trip years ago for a super cheap price during the winter sales, the texture is light so you can easily wear it also during summer and I paired it with this super light printed top. I also wore this new liquid lipstick from Nabla, I don't know why it looks almost black on me even if it's more a dark green :( it's such a shame when you buy a lipstick and the color totally changes!

venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Live 'n love

Hat h&m - Dress Light in the box - Necklace Rogue + Wolf - Boots Quanticlo - Bag Romwe

One of my favorite trends of this years is chokers incorporated with dresses or tops, so everytime I see something like this it's really hard for me to not get it ahah in today's look I'm wearing this super cool printed bodycon dress with the choker detail and I couldn't be more happy! There was a time I didn't feel well wearing something like this, it's incredible how fashion can help you finding styles you never tried before or giving you the courage to try something you've been always afraid to wear :D. I paired the dress with my favorite platform boots, black hat and the cutest bag ever!! I'm addicted to tiny cute bag like this one (and it's really well done and super cheap, you definetely have to check it out!).