venerdì 14 luglio 2017


Hat Romwe - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Choker Born Pretty Store - Sandals Quanticlo

Hi guys! It's so nice to be back on the blog, I have some big news: I just finished the summer session at the University....the last of my life! You'll probably understand how happy I am, I was so stressed the last few months 'cause I did so many hard exams but I'm really proud I did everything I wanted to do with good grades! Now I have only one more exam in autumn and than it's finished :) I already decided my thesis and I'll start working on it really soon. I also started working for the videogames website! It's a tiny dream come true 'cause I love games since I was child and haveing the chance to work with them it's such a good thing! The website is in Italian so I really hope my italian readers will check it, there will soon be a Youtube channel too and you'll see me there together with other guys! I know I talked so much about my life today, but I thought my "tiny absence" on social networks and replying comments needed an explanation... I promise I'll check all of the comments today!  Thank you so much for always being here with me, it means a lot! Talking about today's look (finally eheh) I wanted to try something a bit different pairing this gorgeous wig (the review will come soon!) with one of my favorite combination lately, all black look with red/ash pink details, you know I'm totally addicted to roses embriodery I can't help myself! I wanted a skirt like this for such a long time 'cause it fits really well my red heart bag from Vivienne Westwood :D maybe I'm the only one who has problems pairing a colored bag so I was looking for something with a tiny touch of red and this skirt is PERFECT! The top is really cute too, the embriodery are well done and the fabric is really soft, it would be really cute with a pair of culottes pants too!

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  1. I love love love that dress!! *-*

  2. That dress is seriously gorgeous! And congrats on almost being finished at uni :3 I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's thesis, so if all goes as planned I should have my bachelor's degree in cultural studies by the end of August!

  3. This is absolutely stunning and I love it so much. Roses are my favourite bloom! I may have to treat myself to one or both of those pieces!